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The Minnesota Championship series is a league tournament for any Rocket League skill level, which culminates in an epic LIVE, IN-PERSON tournament with a cash prize. If you're in the Midwest and enjoy Rocket League, sign up now to start playing! If you're interested in seeing how the league operates, or coming to a live event, check our calendar or come watch the weekly streams most Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.



At the beginning of each season, players who sign up get drafted to a franchise and compete against other teams of a similar skill level. If you missed season start, don't worry! You can sign up as a free agent and get on a team before the trade lock (check calendar for date). Each of the 10 franchises (named after iconic Minnesota towns and cities) have teams competing at each skill tier. There are currently three leagues, one at each tier level: Minnesota Rising Stars (MNRS), Challenger League Minnesota (CLMN), and the headliner, MNCS, which is the highest level competitive Rocket League event in the Midwest.


Teams compete in their league to qualify for a coveted spot in playoffs, to play on a LIVE STAGE in front of hundreds of people. Every league plays their finals at the LAN (Local Area Network) tournament. If you've ever wondered what it's like to feel like a pro, sign up and take your shot to be the team to win it all for your league.




MNCS is put on by the Minnesota Gaming Group (both discords linked below). To compete in the league, join the MNCS discord (where all the competitive stuff happens) and check the #links channel for the Free Agent signup form. After that, you should look to get to know some players, or a captain who may pick you up in the draft. Join the MNGG discord (where the casual stuff, and other games happen) and sign up for Rocket League 6mans, a place to casually queue up in 3v3 in-house games against other Minnesotans.







Our community is a place of strong friendships, many games, coaching, and even career opportunities. Join up and you'll:

- Know about esports events happening in the area

- Get access to top-tier players who have an interest in your development as a player

- Have a positive, supportive community of other RL players to queue with

- Have chances to gain career skills, or show off your unique talents while working with professionals on league projects in the areas of:

- Software Engineering - Graphic Design - Video Editing - Live Broadcast - Esports Management

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