MexiFacts: Minnesota LAN's

Updated: Jul 3

It's Thursday and you know what that means, another banger MexiFacts article! After weeks of research and conversations with LAN Champions I finally scraped up enough information to get all the winners for Minnesota LAN's and major events. There may be some LAN's that I am missing so if you see one that is not on here let me know. I talked with Exio who was in charge of the Epic 1.0 LAN and unfortunately he didn't have the winners for that LAN. Here is the information!

Minnesota LAN Champions:

Minnesota Online Champions:

  • North Star Invitational Champions (05/03/2020): St. Paul Senators - Ambrosia, Jives, Bread

  • CLMN Season 1 Champions (06/12/2020): Grand Forks Jets - Renn, Caesar, Rev0

  • MNCS Season 1 Champions (06/14/2020): Hibbing Rangers - Tero, Gatman, Smurf

  • North Star Invitational 2 Champions (09/13/2020): St. Paul Senators - Ambrosia, Renn, Milk

  • CLMN Season 2 Champions (10/17/2020): White Bear Lakers - Mjck, CzchR, Wastee

  • MNCS Season 2 Champions (10/25/2020): Minnetonka Barons - Aostine, Lucid, Immortal

Minnesota LAN Champions Post COVID:

  • CLMN2 Season 3 Champions (06/12/2021): Hibbing Rovers - IntoAudacity, TrevorG, Schmorky, Meeuh11

  • CLMN Season 3 Champions (06/12/2021): Rochester Riff - Dicey, iChaotic, PCMcD

  • MNCS Season 3 Champions (06/12/2021): Minnetonka Barons - Aostine, Notice, Berf

Player Victories: