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MexiFacts: The MNCS Draft

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

  • Bloomington and St. Cloud are the only 2 teams in the MNCS with a full Minnesotan roster.

  • 9 players in the MNCS aren’t from Minnesota but are close enough to participate: Chazzi, SlowHandsMcGee, PaulyB, Aostine, Immortal, Conundrum Effect, Pylakoid, Colbs DC, DJCJ.

  • Eagan is the most popular city where players reside in the league. Veltri, Prussia, and Lucid all live in Eagan.

  • Calster is the only player in the MNCS that resides in the same city as his team name, the Duluth Superiors.

  • Ambrosia and Veltri are the only players in the MNCS that have been on the same team for 3 seasons in a row, the St. Paul Senators and the Bloomington Maulers.

  • Notice has the highest peak 3’s MMR in the league with 2,171. He is also the highest valued player in the MNCS.

  • Prussia has the lowest peak 3’s MMR in the league with 1,682. He is also the lowest valued player in the MNCS.

  • Bloomington was the highest valued team after the MNCS draft.

  • Hibbing was the lowest valued team after the MNCS draft.

  • 7 players in the MNCS now were in the CLMN last season: Quack, Tjack, Calster, Radman, Tkd247, Mjck, Colbs DC.

  • 5 players are new to the MNCS this season: Chazzi, SlowHandsMcGee, PaulyB, Notice, DJCJ.

  • 11 players have played in all 3 season of MNCS: North*, Aostine, Veltri, Cheezy, Lundo, Tero, Conundrum Effect, Prussia, Pace, Ambrosia, Mexi.

  • The average age of a player in the MNCS is 20.7 or 21 years old. Tero is the oldest player in the MNCS at 28 while Mjck is the youngest at 15.

  • The average 3's peak of a player in the MNCS is 1,912 MMR which is equivalent to SSL rank in the current ranking system.

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