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Player Spotlight: Chik'n

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Chik'n from the Duluth Superiors. Previous Minneapolis Miracle and MNCS Season 2 Elite!

Q (Ambrosia): Okay, so this will be quite like an interview. Feel free to answer these however you want, also feel free to give me your socials that we can plug at the end of the interview. For the start, give me any previous accomplishments, such as rewards, teams, If you are comfortable, feel free to send in your full name, and pictures of you or your profile picture... anything that's unique to you.

A (Chik'n): I have had a team for 1 regional, which I made late day 3 with, I have won several tournaments and want to continue to be the best I can."

1. Q (Ambrosia): What are the origins of your username? What lead up to you choosing "Chik'n"?

A (Chik'n): "Way back in the day when I first started playing rocket league I adopted the name "Chik'n" kind of randomly. It sounded short, sweet, and funny and I went with it."

2. Q (Ambrosia): What originally prompted you to get in to rocket league for the first time? What was your early experience with the game?

A (Chik'n): "All of my friends used to play rocket league together on XBOX. This prompted me to pick up the game and start grinding. Originally they were a lot better than me so i follwed them until they quit. That is when i overtook them and here I am today!"

3. Q (Ambrosia): What was your first major accomplishment in rocket league?

A (Chik'n): "My first major accomplishment was reaching the grand champion rank back in season 6... this took me about a year, and gave me motivation to play. However, i ended up taking a break from rocket league from season 7 to 8 so I don thave those titles."

4. Q (Ambrosia): How would you describe your playstyle?

A (Chik'n): "If I were to describe my play style, i would describe it as very aggressive with a solo-minded mentality. I like to go for a lot of solo plays, but of course I like to mix it up with some infield passes here and there."

5. Q (Ambrosia): Do you have a favorite professional rocket league player, if so why?

A (Chik'n): "If I were to pick a favorite professional rocket league player it would have to be Jstn. I have been following him ever since the out-of-style days and I have a similar play-style to Jstn. I will never forget when he first signed to NRG and ever since i've aspired to be just like him."

6. Q (Ambrosia): Do you think we have reached the skill ceiling, or how far are we away from reaching it?

A (Chik'n): "I personally have been getting better reverently and I don’t believe that I’m at my skill ceiling, I’ve been here for a while but I still see myself being able to improve to greater heights."

7. Q (Ambrosia): What has been the toughest challenge for you in your rocket league career?

A (Chik'n): "My toughest challenge was when I was playing in RLCS qualifiers, after we made it to day 3. We ended up going up against a really good B+ team and beat them out in game 5!"

8. Q (Ambrosia): You got drafted by the Duluth Superiors for MNCS Season 3, how are you liking your team so far and where do you guys think will place out of the 10 teams?

A (Chik'n): "I am very happy with my team, I believe we’re going to go all the way and I promise that I am going to lead them to the #1 spot."

9. Q (Ambrosia): If you could put your predictions for the two teams and the winner of the two, what two teams do you see making it that far and why?

A (Chik'n): "I believe it’s going to be us that comes out on top, but in the grand finals it will be an epic duel between the Duluth superiors and the Minnetonka Barons. I believe that they’re going to try and take back to back seasons but we’re going to stop them in their tracks and stand strong as the #1 team."

10. Q (Ambrosia): Finally, What do you see the future of rocket league looking like?

A (Chik'n): "I see the future of rocket league to grow to be a huge game, and it’ll keep growing bigger. This game won’t fall off anytime soon." Twitter - @ChiknRL

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